Saturday, January 12, 2008

Don't Wanna Hang Out With The Oldies

I went shopping with SJ & LJ to buy LJ's birthday present. We stopped at a coffee shop to have a skinny latte and clearly LJ really just wanted to be home... ok, maybe not home but not with her mother and her mother's friend (me). There was a large group of school kids that sat at the outdoor tables of the coffee shop and there were some really cute boys in the group... again, clearly LJ didn't want to be checking out the cute boys... ok, she did want to be checking out the cute boys, but not with her mother and her mother's friend (me). I told her "we've been there done that, we might have some good advice and tips"... still she was clearly not interested! Oh, to be young!!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that you are blessed in 2008 with good health, love and happiness!

We had a great summer Christmas and a very nice new year all with special friends and family. Christmas is a three day event beginning with Christmas Eve dinner at the Joyces. Christmas ends on Boxing Day (day after Christmas) with all of the Enlund's gathering for lunch... it was our year to host and we did yummy Mexican food! Oh, and of course the day after Boxing Day the boys all go to the Cricket... that's a must for them! Now I'm ready to go to New Mexico and enjoy the winter weather!