Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Can't Find It!

I am devastated... I cannot find the beautiful card that came with those beautiful roses. I cannot believe I would have thrown it out... if I did, it was certainly accidental. PJ said he will be happy to rewrite the words (in his own handwriting) for me. I think that's what he'll have to do... I just can't find the card anywhere!

I Was the Envy of the Whole World...

OK, not the whole world, but certainly all the female patients that came into work and also AT whom I job share with... these beautiful, long stemmed, pink roses from Roses Only were delivered to my work on Wednesday morning. AT rang me to ask me if I was in the area because a beautiful Roses Only box has been delivered for me... Of course we were both very curious about the sender of these beautiful roses... who could they be from? I asked her to read the card and of course they were from my wonderful husband! Why did he send them? Just because! My honey is such a honey!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ella's Sport Day

Ella is my young friend, the daughter of my dear friend Natasha. It was a very very cold Wednesday morning last week when I went to watch Ella run! There were several schools particpating in this sport day so there were a lot of kids on the field. Ella did really well in her events. It was quite a lot of fun to be there and cheer her on. I managed to be there for almost two hours and might have stayed longer if I didn't have to go to work... but really, I was glad to get out of the cold!!!! Good job Ella!