Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who picked that restaurant?

Last night we joined friends Nick & Kaz and Pippa & Ed for a really great night with crappy food! Yup, crappy food...and did I mention not very good service? Yup, not very good service. Crappy food and not very good service but we still had fun. OK, to be fair... the chips and salsa at the beginning were DELICIOUS! Truly delicious... but it went downhill from there.
Our margaritas came out and the glasses, as beautiful as they were, were not filled to the top. It looked like someone sipped our margaritas on the way to the table. My main meal which was a combo had a burnt enchilada on the plate...I think someone else said the same about theirs. We never got dessert or coffee... no one came to ask us if we wanted dessert or coffee... no one asked if we were ready for the bill. Do you think they would have noticed if we just left?
We were celebrating Kaz's birthday... it was a fun night... with crappy food and not very good service.
Happy Birthday Kaz!