Saturday, November 20, 2010

His Words Are Special...

The following was written by Mark on my facebook wall... I feel loved.

It was a beautiful morning here in Melbourne, just perfect for a peaceful and picturesque ride to the Dandenongs. An easy 65km round trip with a coffee stop in Sassafras. Everything was travelling well. We were on our way back home feeling invigorated by our efforts and satisfied with the aromatic coffee and warm freshly baked blueberry muffins still leaving their impressions.

The atmosphere started to change. It wasn't the weather, we had the easterly morning sun on our backs urging us home, but something wasn't right. We were leaving the undulating hills of Vermont which increased the sweat on our brow and drew closer to K-Mart. Something wasn't right! The air became thick with grief. There was an overwhelming sense of loss! I could hear moaning, at first unintelligible, but then as we passed K-mart I could begin to make sense of the words...

Where has she gone? Why did she leave us? Is she going to come back? Why oh why did she abandon us???? As We cycled past Highview grove it felt like we were pedaling through molasses, the air was thick, we could hardly breath, people were roaming around dressed in black and were veiled in their grief! They were lost. Life seemed to hold no meaning or purpose for the people in East Burwood. How were they going to survive without the beloved dancing American!!!!!

Thankfully we made it past and on to Middleborough road. We were all in shock! How can one person have such a huge impact on the lives of so many? I need an elixir. I need something that will help remove the cloak of despair that I am wearing. How many sleeps is it till we see her again? How many days until we are warmed by her embrace? How many hours until we hear her delightful voice? Too long!!


Robyn Enlund said...

I know how he feels!
it's hard being without you :-(

beautifully said :-)

the girL said...

i love you that much as well